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Rétro Retouches
Rétro Retouches - Vintage Preservations
How can the gorgeous styles of the 1920's to 1960's withstand the test of time? Each decade reflected the Zeitgeist of the era and offered a new look for women to express themselves. From the androgynous flapper or look 'garçonne' of the 20's, the romantic femininity of the 30's, the wartime austerity or the broad shouldered, padded hip jackets and pencil skirts which defined the 'New Look' of the 40's, the 1950's poodle skirts, to the capri pants turn bellbottom, mini and maxi skirts, A-line dresses or sleeveless shifts of the 60's... few designers have developed the art of preserving these treasures with such meticulous detail and care as Margee Minier. It was in the 1960's as a young girl that Margee's fascination with vintage clothing first immerged. Periodically, she would go to rummage sales with her mother or Aunt Loretta and be attracted to a garment that was slightly damaged, fabric frayed or was the wrong size. Margee began to view these fashions as an art form of infinite possibilities and a way of preserving history as well. She has been repairing, strengthening and remodeling vintage fashions for several decades now. Often a challenge, Margee has developed her own secret techniques like lining thin worn fabrics to add strength to a garment, adding a pocket over a hole, embroidering a motif to hide a faded spot or cutting off some of the hem to have an exact piece of the fabric for repairs. For many years, clients have been bringing their grandmother's precious fashions or a thrift shop 'find' to Margee for repairs or to recreate them for the modern figure of today.