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Jewlery Design

This pendant which I have named 'Naissance', meaning 'birth' in English, is a one of a kind, hand-made creation with hand cut 14 karat gold stars. This rare and flawless black pearl, I purchased while living in Tahiti when I learned I was pregnant with my first son. I treasured it throughout my pregnancy and would wait until the day came when I had a clear vision of magnificent inspiration of what I would create with it. Over the years, I was so afraid to pierce the pearl thus I waited and waited. Then suddenly on my son's 25th birthday, the inspiration came to me. This pearl represented my round pregnant belly, a celestial body mirroring the universe, resplendent in its orbit. I am infinitely grateful to my jewelry design mentor, acclaimed jewelry designer and enamelist, Joanne Conant, for creating the ring and bail for me and for so meticulously piercing the pearl!

Miss Connecticut World 2015
Lauren Ralston

Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant

Pendentif Perle Noire

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