Atelier Marg├ętoile


Have your personal design hand embroidered by Margee...

Along with the birth of the 'Flower Child' came a tremendous revival of ancient hand embroidery in the 1960's and 1970's. Embroidery was in the air. Somehow one day when I was 15 years, embroidering flowers, leaves, vines, birds and Peter Max inspired designs on whatever 'virgin' garment I could get my hands on. Jean jackets, jeans, blouses, blankets - I would sit in my garden or on the ocean shore furiously embroidering. To me, embroidering was and will always be 'painting with threads'. The jean jacket you see here, I embroidered as a young girl in 1971. Then, after 38 years, I picked it up and began working on it again in 2009. Since my daily life is so busy, my high school jean jacket has now become my 'travel and vacation' project. I just wear it, then take it off to work on it in airports, on the plane, on the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France or on the beach in Tahiti. 

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